A film by Sophie Comtet Kouyaté
Based on an original idea by Sarah Bitter
With the writings of Célia Houdart
Appearances by the philosopher Jean Attali
Terrestrial dances performed by Alice Martins
Aerial dances performed by Compagnie Retouramont
Nathalie Tedesco
and Fabrice Guillot

Actors and Vocalist:
Marie-Astrid Adam, woman in bathrobe
Monika Rusz, woman with curlers
Lily Christophe-Bitter, girl with scooter
Manon Rech, woman singing in window
and Nighttime Guests

Night Lighting: Miguel Dos Santos
Second Night Camera: Tom Ben Saci
Drone Operation:
Drone Irina Production
Sound Mixing: Bud La Fugitive

Directed and Edited by: Sophie Comtet Kouyaté
Executive Producer and Casting Director: Sarah Bitter
English subtitles: Kim Gormley

Feature length 30’
Produced by Metek © 2017


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