I followed and filmed, at the request of Sarah Bitter, throughout the last year of the project. She suggested the guests to me: philosopher, dancer,
acrobats and a writer. They all conceived, th ught, and then created in their own way, with their tools, a relationship with this place in the making. I captured their gestures, their words, their movements, I recorded their voices, I integrated them as I built my story.

I completed this polyphonic dialogue by delivering my impressions, questioning the relevance of two projects conducted in parallel: that of Crimée, that of the film being made. Architecture, cinema, involved in a hall of mirrors.


Later, in the spring, I came across Célia Houdart’s texts describing imagined instants, and sometimes deliciously surreal, of the future inhabitants, with fiction sequences that I realized myself.
I still remember that when shooting these sequences, the night wrapped Crimée with a soft feeling of utopia. Families, actors, extras, friends, gathered
in the courtyard paved with history, walls screaming with modernity, on balconies and terraces, and in the stairs at the bottom, where we gathered ; everyone seemed to take possession of what every individual should be entitled to: floors, protective walls, openings, sky, view ...

Sophie Comtet Kouyaté, filmmaker

Sophie Comtet Kouyaté is a film director. She entered the profession as a scénographer and visual artist working with artists of contemporary dance (Beau Geste, Dominique Boivin, Dunes group ...). She then made videos and installations in Marseilles. In 1998, she wrote and directed «The Sounds of the City», a feature fi lm. (CNC, Research Cinemas in France). She then continued the production of documentary films in France and Africa: «Stand up» (Surf Insertion, FFS, UNICEF, 2001), «Forobà» (Public Senate / LCP, LDH and RESF, 2003). She also edited several films by visual artists: Valérie Jouve’s «Le grand Littoral» (MAM New York, Center Georges Pompidou), Philippe Durand’s «Offshore» (Galerie Laurent Godin) ... and documentary
films of authors.

From 2003 to 2006, she collaborated on TV5 Monde’s «Eyes in the screen» program initiated by Frédéric Mittérand.
In 2007, she directed the fi lm «Foly» in Bamako (TV5 Monde, TV Rennes Cité Media, CNC) and, in 2015, «Shukugawa River», a travel diary in Japan. In 2016, her film «On the Land of Saint Rémy» a testimony of 5 years of
rehabilitation of a city, is co-produced and broadcast on France 3.
She is currently working on, a film «Devils in Dombes» and a photographic work «Cult, friends of my friends ...»